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Our Practice Philosophy


At Prospect Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychiatry, we evaluate and treat the whole person. We realize that this is a similar claim held by other psychiatric and behavioral health providers, but we believe that the difference is clear and apparent when people engage with our services. We recognize and address all of the issues that impact children and can manifest as, or appear to be psychiatric issues. We thoroughly examine the medical, psychologic, developmental, and psychosocial components that impact children. Your child. Your most precious belonging. We approach psychiatric illness in children in a compassionate and integrated fashion to arrive at the best treatment options available. With Dr. Trombley's training, experience and expertise in pediatrics, this often includes a medical evaluation for the most comprehensive and thoughtful diagnosis and treatment regimen possible. We believe in cost-effective management and practice judicious use of medications, following the latest literature and evidence-based guidelines. We understand that children are in the midst of complex physiologic and developmental changes and trajectories, and that medications should be reserved to the simplest and least harmful regimens. We engage the parents' or guardians' voice and opinion as well to help guide and tailor treatment options to the individual child. As the parent or guardian, we believe that you should be a fundamental part of the treatment team and make informed choices in the best interest of your child. ​



Latest clinic news

We currently still allow some telepsychiatry visits and  
in-office visits for those who prefer. Many commercial insurances are going to stop covering telehealth appointments and live visits only may be required. Please check with your specific plan for details. This does include at least one medicaid replacement, United Health Care Community Plan, which has stopped covering telehealth services. 

Please help us welcome Mary Keller, PMHNP who joined us in March! We anticipate this will help access to care for all of our community!

We also wish Kendra Frazier, PMHNP the best of luck in the next phase of her career and want to thank her for her time at the clinic for the betterment of our patients. 
What people are saying....

"Real true care in partner with cognitive behavior therapy and psychiatric care in tandem."

...on Google reviews
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